It's like we said, for more than 20 years.... we have been helping good people do better on the internet.  It has gone from a hobby to a real business with real results -  as we keep it real, practice what we promote, and avoid the nonsense of gimmicks and “hacks”.....

no shortcuts

We know exactly what works, because we've been there.

In the late 1990's and into the early 2000's, I was on the leading edge of the internet 

e-commerce space, with a series of websites focused on bean bags, futons, and dorm room furniture.,, and were all born out of a mom and pop futon store in Madison Wisconsin.  Stories along the way include Shawn from LOVESAC and even speaking with a young "ZUCKS" about possibly working with 'the face book' he had stated with IVY league schools.

We sold to NETSHOPS and life took us in a new direction...

I used the internet to harness lead generation strategies, while working for Wells Fargo and MetLife Bank in the mid 2000's as a mortgage broker and manager of teams of loan officers.  I earned president's club status , etc, all because I was using the internet while most were still calling it a "Fad".  That experience showed me the power of the internet, and marketing online in general.

I wrote "2010 and Beyond" in late 2009 after video blogging and other tactics we were actively utilizing were helping us win online month after month.  MANY of the ideas I spoke about then ring true today, although SOCIAL MEDIA has become something none of us truly saw coming.

I decided to utilize video content in order to market a new e-commerce platform in 2012, and since then, 'the TACDADDY' and other properties have continued to be cash flow positive with little "budget" other than sweat equity and time devoted to increasing reach and visitors.  

We ran a live web show and podcast called "GUN NEWS WEEKLY" for over 5 years straight, over 250 one hour shows with guests and commentary.  We've "gone viral" (see below) and been there/ done that when it comes to what other companies are "selling" these days when it comes to online marketing.

Helping other companies became a thing, and some of them still use my strategies to this day.  A couple years back, Ryan Deiss reached out and I was hired to help the Digital Marketer gurus themselves with content marketing and social media in the firearms space online.  I ran the American Gun Association and Gun Carrier social media pages for a time while until things changed internally there.  See Ryan below with Daman Dash in a video they did together.

PDN - the personal defense network, check out the case study to get an idea of what were able to accomplish in just weeks for them, increasing reach and engagement by hundreds of percentage points.  

We continue to help a select group of companies and individuals that fit our needs to work with great people and live our work lives with the same passion and determination to get real results.  Give us a call, but be ready, we do not just work with anyone!  If you are truly committed to seeing your online voice work for you, let's talk.  Thanks for visiting our website!

Kevin Reichard

aka 'The TacDaddy'


We implement proven Strategies, Tools, & Tactics that fit your needs, nothing we do is 'cookie cutter'! 

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, and results in a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines a cost analysis. Our individualized plans are made up of quality services that will help you get there quickly and smoothly. 

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Digital Marketer Owner and CEO Ryan Deiss interview with Damon John from FUBU and SHARK TANK

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